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Researchers breed tomato plants that contain the complete genetic material of both parent plants

By | Agriculture, Fruits and Vegetables, News, Plant Science

Scientists developed a system to create tomato plants with the full genetic material of both parents. By replacing meiosis with mitosis, they produced clonal sex cells, enabling offspring with complete parental genomes. This technique promises more robust, high-yield crops, potentially transforming agricultural practices.

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forest fire

Understanding how fire shapes plants will help protect them 

By | Forestry, News

Understanding how fire influences plant life is crucial for safeguarding biodiversity. By predicting plant responses to fire, scientists aid conservation efforts. Through traits like resprouting and seed germination, plants adapt to fire-prone ecosystems. With accurate predictions, land managers can plan controlled burns effectively, crucial as fire patterns evolve. Advancing fire-plant knowledge is key to future protection.

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Image: Doñana Park. Credit: Anne and Saturnino Miranda en Pixabay

Climate change has brought forward the flowering period in Doñana National Park by 22 days, finds study

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Climate change has advanced flowering in Doñana National Park by 22 days, as researchers discovered. Over 35 years, rising temperatures shifted peak flowering from May 9th to April 17th. This alters plant interactions, impacting pollinators and ecosystem dynamics, highlighting climate’s profound effects on biodiversity and the environment.

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