The early-career period is one of the most stressful stages for a researcher. To help navigate these crucial years, the Global Plant Council established the ECRi.

ECRi Grant lists resources, provided by the Global Plant Council Members, to help plant science ECRs look for and find their next grant.


Grant resources provided by Global Plant Council members

UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF)

American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)

The ASPB provides diferent grant opportunities to support student research, travelling and to support the education and outreach efforts.  They also list opportunities for research funding from other USA-based funding sources .

Access here

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

IRRI administers scholarship funds for several donor agencies. Scholarships are available to support highly qualified scientists from developing countries. The selection is highly competitive but institutions may endorse applicants.

More information here

Australian Society of Plant Scientists (ASPS)

ASPS seeks to support and publicise excellence in the Australian plant-science community, by providing awards to recognise members or a fellowship to enhance research.

More info here.


Chinese Society for Plant Biology (ChSPB)

ChSPB seeks to support excellence in the Chinese plant-science community, by providing awards to recognise members.

More information here.

Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (PEB)

PEB can help you secure several types of scholarships available for students undertaking projects in the centre’s research programs. Availability of these different options depends on the project chosen and its supervision.

Scholarships are in recognition of excellence in students, and are designed to help you focus on your project without the need to find external paid work.

More information here.

Cluster of Excellence on Plant Science (CEPLAS)

CEPLAS provides diferent opportunities to support ECRs, student research, travelling and to support the education and outreach efforts.

Access here.

Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists (JSPP)

JSPP gives a six different kind of awards to promote research in plant sciences.

More information here.

New Zealand Society of Plant Biologists (NZSPB)

NZSPB seeks to support and publicise excellence in the New Zealand plant-science community, by providing awards to recognise members or a fellowship to enhance research.

Student Travel Awards here.

Student Presentation Prizes here.

Roger Slack Award in Plant Biology here.

Michael McManus Award for Best Student Paper here.

Technician Career Development Awards here.

Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS)

SPPS prizes have been established to recognise the work and achievements done in advancement of plant physiology and plant science in general.

More information here.

Society for Experimental Biology (SEB)

SEB awards travel grants to its student and early career scientist members to help them attend conferences and workshops, and gain research experience in the UK and abroad.

SEB also supporst and sponsors events and meetings organised by SEB members such as small scientific conferences, PhD events and public lectures at universities. Members can also apply to organise a meeting on behalf of SEB.

More information here.

UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF)

UKPSF has browser available for possible funding opportunities and bodies.

You can access it here.

Resources for grant-writing and grant-searching

Useful pages listing real and publicly available grant proposals in biosciences.

Resources design to help ECRs get  an idea of what a finalized grant proposal is expected to include and look like.

Useful pages listing real science grant opportunities,  not limited to plant science

Check the continuously updated repositories of the Johns Hopkins University for

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