The early-career period is one of the most stressful stages for a researcher. To help navigate these crucial years, the Global Plant Council established the ECRi, including resources to help develop ECRs communication and dissemination skills.

Communicating science to the broad public is gaining more and more importance in the everyday life of researchers. In the age of fake-news and misinformation, making science accessible to everyone is becoming a shared responsibility not just of scientific organizations, but also of individual researchers and specialised science communicators.

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ECRi resources on communication

Frontiers in Plant Science teams up with The Global Plant Council on Frontiers Research Topics: defined, managed and led by researchers. Learn more here.

We are accepting guest posts!! Are you an ECR currently involved in plant science research? Let us help you reach a wider audience!

Sharing science in an understandable way is often a challenge. Here, we share a couple of tips on how to be more efficient when blogging.

Alongside the oral presentations, or talks, a key way to communicate the latest research and results is through ‘poster sessions’. Learn more here.

Predatory journals are scam publishers that charge authors fees upfront, but do not provide the service they promise. Learn more here.

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Inviting post-authors for content on agriculture

A platform for agri-food professionals, with a team of 45 experts in the agricultural field and over 700,000 unique visitors per month, is looking for authors to join their network and contribute to their free educational resources for farmers worldwide.

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