The Early-Career Researcher (ECR) International Network, the ECRi, is a collection of activities addressed to help the ECRs with 4 essential pillars:

Guest posts wanted!
We want to help researchers to gain some well-deserved visibility.

The Global Plant CouncilECRi

Ongoing activities

  1. The already traditional monthly #plantscijobs “storm” on Twitter. During one-hour, we tweet multiple job offers from the Global Plant Council principal Twitter account with the hashtag #plantscijobs. The storms are schedule every last Friday of the month, between 3-4 pm CET.
  2. A Facebook and a LinkedIn group where we post daily opportunities related to plant science. Those posts are posted regularly, with the hashtags #plantscijobs, #plantscigrants, #plantsciprizes, #plantscinternships…
  3. We have prepared a curated list of plant science jobs and grants resources provided by our members.
  4. We are gathering a collection of resources to help plant scientists communicate their research more efficiently.
  5. We welcome guest posts from ECRs (and students!).  Let us help you start your scicomm portfolio. 


ECRi Jobs

ECRi Grants

ECRi Communication

ECRi Networking

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Please contact Isabel Mendoza (, Communications Officer with suggestions. Any offers of help in rolling out this network will be greatly appreciated.