Plant science webinar series

With focus on transversal and high-level topics of interest for plant scientists.

and soft-skill

Transversal webinars to help plant scientist with their scicomm and soft-skills

Effective Scientific
Collaborations and
International Projects Series

Project inception, how partners came together, and the general process from start to current state.

The Academic

First hand talks by researchers on their own experiences.

International Year
of Fruits and Vegetables

Topic-specific talks on occasion of International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021

Scicomm and soft-skill Series
En Español
  • 7th, April 2021. Principios de comunicación científica online (Spanish). Watch the recording here.
  • 5th, May 2021. Comunicación científica por redes sociales (Spanish). Watch the recording here.
In English
  • 29th, June 2021. Science Communication workshop. By Michele Catanzaro at PBE2021. Watch the recording here. Slides and checklist available.
  • 9th, July 2021. The FAIR Data Principles. By 4TU.ResearchData. Watch the recording here.
  • 9th, July 2021. Science communication on social media.  Open discussion with Mary Williams and Geraint Parry. Watch the recording here.
  • 8th, September 2021. Where should I send my paper? How to choose where to publish your results.  By Oula Ghannoum (Western Sydney University). Watch the recording here.
  • Upcoming TBD. How to handle the Ethics side of Plant Science Research by Prof John Bryant (University of Exeter).
Effective Scientific Collaborations and International Projects Series
The Academic Odyssey Series
  • 15th, December 2021. The Academic Odyssey Series: Prof Ros Gleadow (Monash University). To register here.
International Year of Plants and Vegetable Series
En Español