Led by Professor Barry Pogson (GPC Chair), with assistance from a steering committee comprising Dr Ruth Bastow (GPC), Professor Wilhelm Gruissem (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Professor Rodomiro Ortiz (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), and Professor Cathie Martin (John Innes Centre, UK), the GPC Nutritional Security initiative aims to define the challenges and opportunities for improving the nutritional value of crops.

On 5–6th July 2014 in Xiamen, China, the Global Plant Council gathered together 30 invited experts representing 25 organizations from 11 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. This Biofortification Forum provided a unique opportunity for plant, crop and nutritional scientists, as well as representatives from foundations and NGOs, to learn from each other about six case studies on enhancing nutritional security, which provided illuminating insights into social challenges, scientific progress and future opportunities. The forum then considered current important projects, discussed strategic investments into research-for-development (R4D), and debated how current major nutritional needs and future nutritional improvements could be met through an internationally coordinated approach.

The Discussion Forum generated a set of 10 recommendations, which formed the basis of a report published in 2016.


GPC Report: Integration of Nutritional Security, Food Security and Health