Climate change

Image: Doñana Park. Credit: Anne and Saturnino Miranda en Pixabay

Climate change has brought forward the flowering period in Doñana National Park by 22 days, finds study

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Climate change has advanced flowering in Doñana National Park by 22 days, as researchers discovered. Over 35 years, rising temperatures shifted peak flowering from May 9th to April 17th. This alters plant interactions, impacting pollinators and ecosystem dynamics, highlighting climate’s profound effects on biodiversity and the environment.

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Image: Simple road going through a diverse forest. Credit: jusuf111 / Pixabay

New study on the link between biodiversity and climate: How forests smell – a risk for the climate?

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Plants emit odours for a variety of reasons, such as to communicate with each other, to deter herbivores or to respond to changing environmental conditions. An interdisciplinary team of researchers carried out a study to investigate how biodiversity influences the emission of these substances. For the first time, they were able to show that species-rich forests emit less of these gases into the atmosphere than monocultures.

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