Climate change

Drought: Clear impacts on global agricultural production

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The effects of drought on major crops that are crucial to achieve both food and energy security. A global, more robust vision of this complex issue to advance the existing knowledge and support better informed, science-based decisions in the future, like fine-tuning crop calendars or implementing other measures as alternative cultivars, additional irrigation, and crop migration.

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Climate change is affecting when and how violets reproduce

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Violets reproduce both sexually, through cross-pollination of the showy flowers we’re familiar with; and asexually, by self-seeding of less noticeable flowers that remain hidden near the base of the plant. This is called “mixed mating.” Although environmental factors drive how much a plant reproduces sexually or asexually, no study had previously looked at the impact of climate change on mixed mating.

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Effect of climate change on kidney beans, bean sprouts and green beans

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The researchers have evaluated the impact of the effects of climate change on vital parameters of bean varieties, such as their morphology, reproduction, production, and phenology. Thus, they have detected some very sensitive types to variations in their conditions of origin. These others perform better with the increase in temperature, and others are highly resilient to any change.

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