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7th International Conference on Plant Genetics and Genomics

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Summary of The 7th International Conference on Plant Genetics and Genomics by Anukriti Srivastava. This conference convened experts to explore GM crops and genome editing’s impact on agriculture. Discussions highlighted CRISPR technology’s potential, sustainability in agriculture, ethical considerations, and global food security. Notable presentations addressed climate resilience and Indian agricultural progress. Attendees left inspired by breakthroughs in precision editing and stress resistance, emphasizing collaboration and ethical innovation.

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Join the International “Fascination of Plants Day” in May 2022

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The fascinating world of plants will be once more in the spotlight thanks to the EPSO, which invites you to celebrate the sixth Fascination of Plants Day on and around May 18th 2022. For this purpose, scientific institutions together with schools, farmers and companies will offer a variety of plant-based interactive events and activities for all interested people from toddlers to grandparents.

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The Global Plant Phenotyping Survey 2020/21

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For the past six years, IPPN and EMPHASIS have carried out their bi-annual “Plant Phenotyping Surveys”. It covers basic and advanced questions related to plant phenotyping for the purpose of assessing the status of global plant phenotyping and emerging fields. The survey addresses participants from all geographic regions and in all professional disciplines in any way related to plant phenotyping.

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Tropical trees are living time capsules of human history

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Tropical forest trees are the centerpiece of debates on conservation, climate change and carbon sequestration today. While their ecological importance has never been doubted, what has often been ignored is their ability to store cultural heritage. Using recent advances in scientific methods and a better understanding of the growth of these trees, researchers can now uncover, in detail, the growing conditions, including human management, that have occurred around these ancient giants over their centuries-long life span.

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