For the past six years, IPPN and EMPHASIS have carried out their bi-annual “Plant Phenotyping Surveys”. It covers basic and advanced questions related to plant phenotyping for the purpose of assessing the status of global plant phenotyping and emerging fields. The survey addresses participants from all geographic regions and in all professional disciplines in any way related to plant phenotyping.

The survey data provide the primary source of information for our plant phenotyping knowledge base, informing us about the topics and issues inherent to the international and regional (sub-)communities, in academia and industry.

This also helps us to identify potential gaps and understand the demands of the community in terms of required services and tools.

Results are being made available on the IPPN homepage & in the past, survey results have been extensively used for analyzing the global status of plant phenotyping (such as in the review by Yang

Participating in these surveys empowers everyone who contributes to add to the big picture of how plant phenotyping is being applied & viewed.

The survey is published with the release of the IPPN Q4 Newsletter and will hopefully find its way from here to all relevant stakeholders around the world.

Please help disseminate the link to the  Plant Phenotyping Survey 2020/21 among your contacts and any relevant audiences.