Exciting news! The Global Plant Council is partnering for a second time with the journal Plants, People, Planet. Together we are launching an online video contest that will give participants the possibility to win a $250 voucher.

Do you want to know how? It is quite simple.


First, create a (max) 60-second long video or animation that focuses on either a general plant science topic OR a plant-health related subject:

•    Plant Science (#PlantSciVid #Scicomm)

•    Plant Health (#PlantSciVid #Scicomm #IYPH2020)

In the short video clip, we ask that entrants convey WHAT research they do and most importantly, WHY it matters. What are the wider implications of your work?

Secondly, share your video clip on Twitter or Instagram with a catchy plant science caption. When you post your video, please make sure to tag in BOTH the Global Plant Council and Plants, People, Planet (Twitter: @GlobalPlantGPC @plantspplplanet; Instagram: @globalplantcouncil @plantspplplanet), and include the hashtags noted under point 1 for the two categories of entry.  

Further details

Very important: entries will be judged on their ability to effectively communicate their research to a wide audience, as well as on the creativity employed in producing the video clip. We are NOT looking for high-quality professional videos. Video clips produced with a smartphone and/or basic APPs on a standard computer will be absolutely fine. We particularly encourage entries from early career researchers and students, so do get involved!

This 2020 contest will remain open until the 15th June, with winners announced later that month. We eagerly await your entries and very much look forward to seeing (and sharing!) your video clips!

For further information please check our Terms and Conditions.

This activity is framed in the ECRi platform, a collection of activities put in motion by The Global Plant Council addressed to help early career researchers with job hunting, grant writing, and acquiring new dissemination and networking skills.  

A nice video example produce by the Plants, People, Planet team with just a selfie stick and some good ideas