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The Global Plant Council (GPC) is a coalition of organizations representing the plant, crop, agricultural, and environmental sciences across the globe, representing thousands of experts.


Global Plant Council

Aims to promote plant science across borders & disciplines, supporting those involved in research, education and training, to increase awareness of plant research in science and society.



ECRi is a collection of activities addressed to help the Early Career Researchers with 4 essential pillars: job hunting, grant funding, dissemination of research results and networking.


The GPC’s blog serves to provide to the plant science community a platform for raising awareness about current issues, highlighting new research, reviewing recent events and promoting Member Organizations and their work.


We publish relevant news articles on plant science from across the globe to keep the community up to date with recent progress.

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Check the GPC list of plant science resources: grants, prizes, funding agencies, educational, organizations and networks.


Check the initiatives set in motion by GPC and its members related to stress resilience, nutritional security, diversity seek, knowledge exchange and new breeding technologies.


The GPC seeks to facilitate the development of plant science for global challenges such as world hunger, sustainability, environmental protection, and climate change.

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Researchers hone in on the best software for detecting microRNAs in plants

| News, Plant Science | No Comments
Almost twenty years ago, the process of RNA silencing was discovered in plants, whereby small fragments of RNA inactivate a portion of a gene during protein synthesis. These fragments--called microRNAs (abbreviated as miRNAs)--have since been shown to be essential at…

Striking a Balance: Trade-Offs Shape Flower Diversity

| News, Plant Science | No Comments
Flowers come in a multitude of shapes and colors. Now, an international research team has proposed the novel hypothesis that trade-offs caused by different visitors may play an important role in shaping this floral diversity.

New insight into photosynthesis could help grow more resilient plants

| News, Plant Science | No Comments
A research team has created a computer model to understand how plants store energy in the thylakoid membrane, a key structure to photosynthesis in plant leaves. The team confirmed the accuracy of the mathematical model with lab experiments.

Botanists name astonishing new species of ‘fairy lantern’ from Malaysian rainforests

| Botany, Forestry, News | No Comments
Scientists at Oxford and in Malaysia have just described a species of fairy lantern completely new to science.