The Global Plant Council and Plants, People, Planet are delighted to announce the 5 winners of our #PlantSciStory2021 competition.

We received 36 brilliant entries, 28 via Twitter and 8 via Instagram. After carefully considering all, we are pleased to announce the following winners.

The Typha species story by @spargeline on Twitter. Why identification of a particular Typha species matters to care for the health of wetlands. The full story here:

The invisible plants story by @l_teixeiracosta on Twitter. A particular set of plants are hidden inside other plants for most of their lives, bursting out for small periods and sometimes featuring the most enormous flowers in the world. The only way to find them is using X-rays. The full story here:

A fantastic set of haikus about changing habitats by @chirpark on Twitter, accompanied by delightful watercolour paintings.  The full story here:

A story about the human uses of plants by @laurabkor on Twitter, explaining their project documenting reported useful plant species in Colombia.  The full story here:

The plant biodiversity story by @sbit on Instagram. Why biodiversity matters and how small-scale agriculture can help tackle the problem, with Colombia as a focus of interest. The full story here:

The board of directors of The Global Plant Council and editorial and communications team of Plants, People, Planet acted as the judging panel and were impressed by the quality of the stories submitted.

Congratulations to the winners! And very well done to all participants. See you next year!

You may visit the lists created on Twitter or Instagram.

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