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Image: Bunches of grapes hanging from a vine. Credit: Manfred Richter / Pixabay

Unlocking the secrets of grapevine immunity: Novel study reveals how Eutypa lata metabolites activate plant defense mechanisms

By | Agriculture, News

Over the past decade, Grapevine Trunk Diseases (GTDs) have emerged as a significant threat to viticulture, causing economic losses, increased management costs and lower wine quality. Traditional defense methods, like using arsenite, have now been banned due to their high toxicity. However, the occurrence of GTDs is increasing in vineyards worldwide as consequence of climate change, there is an urgent need for new strategies to suppress the outbreak of symptoms. 

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Unlocking the Power of Peas: Genetic discovery promises high-iron vegetables and cereals

By | Agriculture, News, Plant Science

A genetic breakthrough unveils the high-iron mutations in peas, presenting opportunities for fortified vegetables and cereals. This discovery, based on a newly mapped pea-genome, could guide gene-editing strategies to enhance iron content in various crops, addressing global anaemia concerns, especially among women. The findings illuminate iron homeostasis in plants, offering prospects for biofortification.

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Researchers conduct first-ever study of cultural adaptation to climate change

By | Agriculture, Climate change, News

As climate change intensifies, societal and individual struggles to adapt become more apparent. To explore cultural adaptation, researchers conducted the first study of its kind. Analyzing U.S. crop data over 14 years, they applied the science of cultural evolution. Their findings reveal farmers adapting to climate change in some regions, while in others, crops are increasingly mismatched. This first cultural approach marks a milestone in refining climate adaptation strategies.

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Image: image of a grassland. Credit: Pixabay

Can planting multiple crops in the same plot improve agricultural production and sustainability?

By | News, Plant Science

Agricultural management has typically focused on increasing yields, but there is an increasing need for sustainable food production that limits negative impacts on the environment. A new study provides insights into the potential benefits of diversifying agricultural practices, revealing how different mixtures of plant species can improve production, quality, and conservation.

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