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At the rise of the fourth agricultural revolution, the modern farmer seeks to become “smarter,” benefit from new technologies and produce crops sustainably. The conventional knowledge around climate, agroecosystems, new technologies and sustainable farming of all crops is constantly enriched by practical experience, examples, and scientific data.

Community efforts channeled by Wikifarmer have created the “Thesaurus of sustainability,” a lexicon that defines sustainability terms and techniques, helping farmers (and consumers) know, understand, and incorporate them into their practices. At the same time, Wikifarmer launched what aims to be the most complete online “Seed Collection.” With high-quality photos of seeds (food crops, ornamentals, and weeds) and essential information regarding their life cycle, yield, and end-product uses, Wikifarmer wants to help everyone discover new species and recognize their reproductive material. This user-generated knowledge source is constantly enriched, expanded, and translated to meet modern needs. Feel free to look for both of them at Wikifarmer’s homepage (in all available languages), and enrich them by sending our editorial team (“Become an author”) your ideas, text, and photos.

About Wikifarmer

Wikifarmer is a global platform, an online library (“The Wikipedia of farming.” as the Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O.) of the United Nations characterized it), dedicated to farmers, amateur growers, and agronomists. Wikifarmer was “born” with the primary goal of creating, gathering, and making accessible freely to everyone this valuable knowledge. To make knowledge universally accessible, Wikifarmer offers a translated and localized version of its thousands of articles in 16 languages. To reinforce its sustainability profile, customize and upgrade its content solutions, and reach S.D.G.s, Wikifarmer joins forces with new partners worldwide. Scientists, agronomists, students, and farmers with a strong interest in making a difference and helping the community can become authors-contributors at Wikifarmer.