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Regulatory Dynamics During Development and Evolution

21/09/2022 - 23/09/2022

Symposium overview

The creation of novel organs, the formation of diverse shapes and patterns within tissues or the ability of cells to deploy different responses to environmental cues all rely on the assembly, rewiring and co-option of gene regulatory networks. We now know that complex behaviours can emerge from relatively simple networks. Reciprocally, sophisticated regulatory networks can often generate stable and predictable outputs despite being intrinsically noisy. Technological advances and new model systems are enabling us to address previously unexplorable questions, continuously modifying our understanding of the regulatory logic that underpins life. With SLS2022 we aim to bring together theoretical and experimental researchers from diverse disciplines using a broad range of species and approaches to investigate the regulatory dynamics contributing to the emergence of biodiversity.

Symposium format: Hybrid

The 4th biennial Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium (#SLS22) will take place at the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge, UK over three days (21-23 September 2022) and will be delivered in a hybrid format. Delegates may choose to attend in-person or online.

The Symposium will foster a dialogue between researchers working on regulatory dynamics from different fields across the plant and animal kingdoms and consist of talks, poster sessions and daytime and evening social and networking events.

Our goal is to create a welcoming, safe, collaborative, inclusive and respectful symposium environment by promoting diversity of attendance and inclusivity of participation of underrepresented scientists.

Website: https://www.slcu.cam.ac.uk/sainsbury_laboratory_symposium



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Cambridge, United Kingdom