What we’re still learning about how trees grow

By | News, Plant Science

What will happen to the world’s forests in a warming world? Will increased atmospheric carbon dioxide help trees grow? Or will extremes in temperature and precipitation hold growth back? That all depends on whether tree growth is more limited by the amount of photosynthesis or by the environmental conditions that affect tree cell growth—a fundamental question in tree biology, and one for which the answer wasn’t well understood, until now.

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Effect of climate change on kidney beans, bean sprouts and green beans

By | Agriculture, Climate change, Fruits and Vegetables, News

The researchers have evaluated the impact of the effects of climate change on vital parameters of bean varieties, such as their morphology, reproduction, production, and phenology. Thus, they have detected some very sensitive types to variations in their conditions of origin. These others perform better with the increase in temperature, and others are highly resilient to any change.

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Photosynthesis unaffected by increasing carbon dioxide channels in plant membranes

By | Australian National University, News, Plant Science

Modifying photosynthesis has increasingly been a research target to improve crop yields to feed a growing global population in the face of climate change and other environmental factors. In a recent study, a research team investigated the effects of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide channels in plant membranes, but could not detect any impact on photosynthesis in model tobacco plants.

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