THe MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory is a premier research institute embedded at Michigan State University and funded by the US Department of Energy and other funding bodies. Our mission is to discover how photosynthetic organisms work on the molecular level, in order, ultimately, to develop technologies that improve human lives.

What MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory Stands for

Many solutions for 21st century problems will come from photosynthetic organisms. We need to understand how their components work together and how they thrive in natural environments, so that we can harness them for sustainable applications.

PHOTOSYNTHESIS FOCUS Basic research on photosynthesis, metabolism, and defense; Creating new technologies targeting renewables, agriculture, and medical fields

EXCELLENT TRAINING 50 years of training successful scientists; Legacy of awards and job placements in academia, industry, and government
SCIENTIFIC IMPACT 12 internationally recognized researchers; Prolific publication record; Major funding from the US Department of Energy
COLLECTIVE POWER Cross-disciplinary research that tackles big scientific problems impossible to solve in individual labs

TIGHT-KNIT COMMUNITY A friendly group of over 120 members; Internationally and culturally diverse


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