The Global Plant Council (GPC) is a coalition of national, regional and international societies and affiliates representing plant, crop and agricultural and environmental sciences across the globe.

The GPC seeks to bring together all those involved in plant and crop research, education and training, to facilitate the development of plant science for global challenges such as world hunger, energy, climate change, health and well-being, sustainability and environmental protection.


Into the wild for plant genetics

In a paper published in Scientific Reports, researchers at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, detail for the first time the opportunities for plant sciences that are now available with portable, real-time DNA sequencing.

Scientists compare soil microbes in no-till, conventional tilling systems of Pacific Northwest farms

In recent decades, growers have increasingly been adopting no-till farming to reduce soil erosion and decrease fuel, labor, and inputs.


Greensys 2017

Beijing, China

GreenSys 2017 (International Symposium on New Technologies for Environment Control, Energy-saving and Crop Production in Greenhouse and Plant Factory) will be held in Beijing, China from 20th to 24th August 2017. This event is a great opportunity to bring together researchers, technicians, academics, and other professionals in greenhouse horticulture and plant factory area to share knowledge and ideas, as well as discuss the state of the art and future perspectives for the greenhouse horticulture and plant factory sector.

International Symposium on Growing Media, Soilless Cultivation, and Compost Utilization in Horticulture

Austin, Texas, USA

The International Symposium on Growing Media, Soilless Cultivation, and Compost Utilization in Horticulture meeting will be held on the campus of Portland State University in scenic Portland, Oregon of the United States. This meeting attracts scientists and allied industries from around the world to share knowledge in the fields of soilless substrates, crop production, and compost utilization. Topics to be covered will include cultivation of planys in soilless substrates and hydroponics, characterization of soilless substrates and composts, new technologies for compost production and characterization, and novel uses of compost in plant production.