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The Global Plant Council (GPC) is a coalition of national, regional and international societies and affiliates representing plant, crop and agricultural and environmental sciences across the globe.

The GPC seeks to bring together all those involved in plant and crop research, education and training, to facilitate the development of plant science for global challenges such as world hunger, energy, climate change, health and well-being, sustainability and environmental protection.

The GPC supports the principles of open science and the free dissemination of information around the world, particularly to those in countries without access to research media.


Scientists crack the code to improve stress tolerance in plants

This novel epigenetic regulation mechanism underlies improved stress response in plants, which can be exploited for global food security

More Farmers, More Problems: How Smallholder Agriculture is Threatening the Western Amazon

A verdant, nearly roadless place, the Western Amazon in South America may be the most biologically diverse place in the world. There, many people live in near isolation, with goods coming in either by river or air. Turning to crops for profit or sustenance, farmers operate small family plots to make a living.


"Plants, People, Planet" Symposium

London - UK

The inaugural Plants, People, Planet Symposium, will be held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, UK, 4–5 September 2019.

XIII Spanish Society of In Vitro Plant Tissue Culture (SECIVTV) Meeting

Vitoria - Spain

The Spanish Society of In Vitro Plant Tissue Culture (SECIVTV, Sociedad Española de Cultivo In Vitro de Tejidos Vegetales) organizes jointly with NEIKER (Basque Institute of Agricultural Research and Development) the "XIII SECIVTV Meeting" that will take place in the Villasuso palace of Vitoria-Gasteiz, located in the town historic city, from September 11-13, 2019, and that under the slogan "Challenges of plant tissue culture in the era of bioeconomy" will address the most current topics in the research of in vitro plant tissue culture.