barry pogson

Barry Pogson


Professor Barry Pogson is Deputy Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biologyat the Australian National University. He leads the Global Plant Council’s Nutritional Security Initiativeon improving plants for human health, and has been involved in the GPC since its inaugural meeting. He is Senior Editor for The Plant Cell and Chair of the Golden Rice Technical Advisory Committee.

He is an ISI highly cited author and American Society of Plant Biology top-cited author for The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology.

He has conducted pioneering work on signaling between chloroplasts and nuclei. Among his heralded discoveries are a chloroplast-to-nucleus signaling pathway that underlies drought tolerance and an epigenetic regulator of carotenoid accumulation. He is at the forefront of genetic investigations into carotenoid biosynthesis, chloroplast retrograde signaling and their impacts on plant biology and human nutrition. A particular emphasis is on how the energy organelles sense the environment and initiate plant responses to coordinate growth, development and acclimation to abiotic stress.