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Lisa Martin

Outreach & Communications Manager

Lisa is a science communications specialist who joined the Global Plant Council as Outreach & Communications Manager in February 2015. She has a degree in Biological Sciences, a postgraduate certificate in Science Education, and a certificate in Journalism, all from the University of Warwick, UK.

Lisa worked as a secondary school Biology and Chemistry teacher in the UK, before choosing a career path in science communications. She has previously worked in life sciences publishing, as a Senior Account Executive at a medical communications agency, and as a Knowledge Transfer Manager at AHDB Horticulture. Lisa joins the GPC having worked most recently as the Research & Engagement Officer for GARNet, the UK network for the Arabidopsis and wider plant science research community. She is also a freelance science writer and editor.

Lisa is an Associate Member of the Association of British Science Writers and a Member of the Citizen Science Association.


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Ruth Bastow

Executive Director

Sarah Jose

Communications Officer