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Isabel Mendoza

Communications Officer

Isabel Mendoza Poudereux began her research career in 2005, during her final Biochemistry degree year. She holds a PhD in Biotechnology with an European Mention (2013) from the University of Valencia, and a Master’s Degree in Creation and Management of Innovative Companies (2015). She has participated in several European research projects, related to Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture, both from a purely technical point of view and tasks related to communication and dissemination of results.


I Mendoza-Poudereux, E Kutzner; C Huber; J Segura, I Arrillaga, W Eisenreich (2017)
Dynamics of Monoterpene Formation in Spike Lavender Plants
Metabolites, 7:65

I Mendoza-Poudereux, E Kutzner; C Huber; J Segura, W Eisenreich, I Arrillaga (2015)
Metabolic cross-talk between pathways of terpenoid backbone biosynthesis in spike lavender
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 95:113-20

I Mendoza-Poudereux; J Muñoz-Bertomeu; A Navarro; I Arrillaga; J Segura (2014)
Enhanced levels of S-linalool by metabolic engineering of the terpenoid pathway in spike lavender leaves
Metabolic Engineering 23:136-44

I Arrillaga; MA Guevara; J Muñoz-Bertomeu; D Lázaro-Gimeno; E Sáez-Laguna; LM Díaz; I Mendoza-Poudereux; J Segura; MT Cervera (2014)
Selection of haploid cell lines from megagametophyte cultures of maritime pine as a DNA source for massive sequencing of the species
Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 118, 147–155

I Mendoza-Poudereux, J Muñoz-Bertomeu, I Arrillaga, J Segura (2014)
Deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase is not a rate-determining enzyme for essential oil production in spike lavender
Journal of Plant Physiology 171(17):1564-70